Monday, 9 March 2015

Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. Develops Hinged Mine Skips for Mine in Peru

A one-of-a-kind design found nowhere else in the world, the hinged mine skips were installed into the shaft compartment with only minimum adjustments to the hanging skip and made for easy alignment of the bail channels for equal wear distribution along all the mounted guide shoes. The El Porvenir Mine is considered to be Peru’s deepest underground mine and is located 321 km from Lima. Owned by Compania Minera Milpo, the 1,250-metre-deep mine produces lead and copper concentrates along with gold and silver content as well as zinc. Due to the mine’s extremely tight peripheral conditions around the shaft collar, Compania Minera Milpo determined that a sequential vertical installation was not an option. They then contracted Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., and relied on them to develop the hinged concept to facilitate one-piece skip installation.

Custom Mine Cages in New Shafts Effectively Transport Workers and Equipment

More than 90 years after its closure, the historic Victoria Mine in Sudbury, Ontario is about to resume mining activity.KGHM International recently announced plans to proceed with its mine project, located south of the original Victoria Mine that ran from the 1890s to the 1920s. According to a feasibility study currently in its final stages, the new site contains an estimated 1.4 billion pounds of copper and nickel, and more than 200,000 pounds of platinum group elements (e.g. platinum, iridium).

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ontario Wear Resistant Castings Manufacturer Builds Chute for Newmont USA

The chute, with a 5’ x 3’ throat opening, is equipped with a unique ore pass insert, isolating the entire installation from upward ground movements. Wabi manufactured the chute to ensure protection against high-stress abrasions and impact forces. Since the chute is used as a main transfer point between the ore pass and a 40-ton capacity haulage truck, its lining system is designed to endure sliding abrasion that comes with high muck stream flow rates. Rapid material loss may occur as a result of sliding abrasion when exposed under high loads, and particularly when the liner plate’s hardness is diminished below the plate’s surface. With the softer core material being exposed, gouges that form in the liner plate caused by sharp contact may result in preferential wear patterns being etched on the surrounding surface.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Quality Mine Rail Cars Carry Millions of Tons of Iron Ore Every Day

Iron ore miners transport tons of rocks and material to foundries every day, where pure iron is extracted and eventually turned into steel. It's impossible to find pure iron deep within the world's mines, however, as this metal always exists as a compound. Two of the most commonly mined are hematite and magnetite. Hematite: Red Iron Hematite (Fe2O3) is one of the most precious sources for pure iron, with a yield of around 70 percent. Due to the rich iron content, it doesn't take as much crushing and screening to derive pure iron from hematite. Although often found in hues of red, hematite can also appear in brown, black, and gray.