Friday, 30 October 2015

Steel Castings and Other Machinery Parts: Importance in Mining Safety

Abrasion, heat, impact, friction, chemical exposure, mechanical stress, and daily wear-and-tear eventually take their toll on equipment, which is why parts need to be maintained regularly and replaced as needed to minimize downtime. In this light, it’s important to choose parts, such as steel castings, that are of optimal quality and able to meet their intended functions. For this reason, manufacturers such as Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. focus on custom manufacturing so that parts can be built to satisfy unique operating requirements. Watch for Signs of Wear and Tear Being aware of the signs of deterioration is crucial to the maintenance of mining equipment. Spotting the subtlest signs informs the operators of significant issues, such as when it’s time to replace mining wear parts, when the machines need more lubricant, and other similarly important factors.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Essential Role of Heavy-Duty Mine Skips in Underground Mining

Lifting large volumes of materials from the depths of underground mines is a struggle against gravity. It involves carrying dense rock in massive quantities, which equates to immense levels of strain on any equipment used. As such, mining skips must have extraordinarily rugged specifications to maintain efficiency and safety in the excavation process. The skip must be able to carry large loads without being too heavy itself. Through the years, the mining industry has seen various developments in how skips are constructed, from the materials used to the design of the units. The use of aluminum alloys is pretty common because of the metal’s exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The material’s downside is low-wear resistance, which is addressed by lining skips with abrasion-resistant steel, mild steel, or rubber.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Quality Mine Cages and Other Equipment Support Mine Safety

No safety program will be enough to mitigate risks associated with poorly designed mining equipment. Incorporating quality mining equipment, from mine cages to mining cars, goes a long way in reducing accidents in the mining workplace. If you plan to use the technology of the future in your mining operations, you stand to enhance their effectiveness if you have proven mining equipment in place. Quality Mining Equipment in Canada Leading manufacturers, such as Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., produce the most trusted equipment in the mining industry. From mine shaft cages to rail cars, Wabi designs and manufactures loading and conveyance systems that meet the strictest of quality and safety standards.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Mining Cars and Beyond: Extending the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit is Good for Canada’s Mining Industry

Whether the 15 percent tax credit is an effective policy or not, the idea to encourage more mining exploration is a sound one. When mineral deposits that exhibit great potential are discovered, mine development soon follows. In turn, new mines require underground equipment such as, skips, cages, loading systems, rail haulage cars, mine car wheels, etc. which is good for the mining supply and services sector. Quality Mining Equipment in Canada Top mining equipment manufacturers, like Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., can supply superior conveyance systems for your mining operation. Companies such as Wabi have the engineering capabilities and fabrication facilities that enable them to produce quality equipment, from wheels for mining cars to loading and dumping systems, skips and cages.