Monday, 6 July 2015

True as Steel: A Guide to Assessing the Quality of Steel Castings

Steel plays a major role in everyday life in North America and around the world. After all, steel comprises 75 percent of all major home appliances and 63 percent of the average car. Even those who mine the materials used to create steel require steel parts for their mining equipment. Steel components used to build parts for mining equipment need to meet the highest of standards. The quality of steel castings in Ontario directly impact the safety, durability and efficiency of the mining equipment where they are installed.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

New Underground Gold Mines Call for Quality Mine Skips to Meet Productivity Demands

According to a report from, a well-known Canadian mining company has received special permission from the Irish government to expand their gold mining operations underground. This bodes well for both the mining company and the Irish government as the mine’s production crawled to a halt in 2013. The mine in Omagh, Ireland is the only gold mine in the country. Many people still think of the abandoned, crumbling cave-style mines from old Western movies and cartoons whenever mining becomes the topic of conversation. Although such operations were common in the past, underground mines now make use of long vertical shafts to enable ore extraction at greater depths.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Bearings in Mine Cages, Skips, and Cars—Understanding Superior Quality

Modern mining projects are becoming more advanced each year. As the mining industry experiences increased innovation, the role of onsite machinery and equipment becomes even more vital in achieving better efficiency and productivity. Selecting the right equipment has always been an important factor in the success of any mining project. Innovation in Rolling Bearings A wide range of mining equipment incorporates rolling bearings—mine cages, cars, skips and many others. Rolling bearings play an important role in the industry as the safe and efficient transport of people and mined ore heavily depend upon them. Great strides in rolling bearing design, sealing, heat treatment and lubrication have been made in their manufacture, resulting in a more durable and more reliable end product.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mining Cars and More: Improved Safety for the Canadian Mining Industry

The Canadian government recently put into force the Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act, which requires companies involved in the mining industry to publicly disclose payments that they make to foreign and domestic government entities. According to Pierre Gratton, president and CEO of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), the Act “places Canada at the forefront of international efforts to eliminate corruption and promote transparency.” He adds that MAC is “proud to have played an active role in collaboration with the government of Canada and civil society in the promotion and design of this important legislation.”